Are Air Fryers Healthier Than Cooking in Oil

air fryers how do they workAir fryers are seen as alternative to conventional frying oil that is supposed to be much healthier, but are they?

Most cooking oil fryers take a lot of oil to cook food. Some foods need to be completely submerged in order to be properly cooked, and that can be awful for their fat content. They soak up that oil like water and it stays in there even after the food is allowed to dry and even after dabbing at it with a paper towel or grease wrap. That oil is basically pure fat, and it’s not good for people. Most people eat way too much oily food, and they often use oils that are not healthy for them.

Canola oil, vegetable oil and many others are unhealthy fats. The oils that are healthy or that provide good fat are not usually deal for frying with. Air fryers avoid all that and forgo oil almost entirely. You may still get some oil with them, as meats and different foods with high fat content will seep out oil as you cook them, but for the most part, no oil is involved

That’s because air fryers use superheated air, as covered on the site That air cooks the food in the same way that they would be cooked with conventional oil. The results are practically the same, though the air fryers definitely produce healthier results.

Because there isn’t a lot of oil soaked into the food, the food loses a lot of their fat content when they are fried. They still have basically the same texture and taste as if they were fried, but with very different fat content. Since high cholesterol is often caused by fatty foods, and that leads to the number one form of disease in the world- heart disease- it’s safe to say that avoiding oil as much as possible is a good move. It doesn’t matter how healthy someone may be, if they avoid oil, they are going to be even healthier.

Air fryers allow them to do that, providing consumers with a healthy alternative that encourages lower fat consumption, better cholesterol and a healthier heart. In order to find out more about air fryers, their advantages and disadvantages and which ones are worth buying, consumers can head on over to There is tons of great information there waiting for them.

Cronicles Of A Salsa Addict, Or So I’ve Been Called

I guess if a Salsa addict is someone who; spends more money on Salsa shoes than on ‘street’ shoes, convinces their self that they can get by on 3 hours of sleep or less. chat with a stranger Just to go dancing at a venue an hour away, practices moves in the bathroom at work – and has been caught mid spin with their imaginary partner- more than once, and sings songs with words that they do not understand.

Then, hello my name is Brooke and I am an addict; A Salsa Addict.
It all began with my very first Salsa lesson exactly one year ago and since then I have returned as often as possible to the place that feeds my craving for excitement the most: the dance floor. Like great food, art and even sex, Salsa makes me feel euphoric, even alive; a concept that most of my non-dancing friends or co-workers do not comprehend. When not making sarcastic comments at the mere idea of it, they smile pityingly, thinking it is eccentric to go alone to lessons or socials and especially unheard of to decline a cocktail hour invite or give up a weekend to dancing. I simply cannot resist it. I try, but I feel withdrawals and if I do convince myself to partake in non-salsa events, I sit restlessly watching the clock trying to determine if I can still make it in time for a quick whirl around the dance floor before closing time.

It affects my romantic life too. My last potential beau did not dance and quickly became jealous of my bi-weekly Salsa lessons. He did not quite grasp the platonic bond between fellow dancers and inquired about the marital/relationship status and/or sexual orientation of my male dance partners on two separate occasions– the second occasion was the last we would speak. No dance, no date. Sorry.

Why the irresistible urge to dance? How is it that I think about dancing all the time; do body movement whenever I am near a mirror or even reflective store window; do various basic steps and/or shines while standing and even practice dance styles that are not limited to salsa such as; Bachata and Merengue?

I have discovered that Salsa is a much, much more fun way to get sweaty and tone and define my shoulders, abs and legs without hours of running on a treadmill staring at a blank wall. Also, in essence, to me dance serves as meditation in motion. With Salsa now completely engulfing my insides, I have rearranged my existence to include a regular dose of this medicine, an antidote to my everyday worries. I return again each week, not just for the rhythmic high, but also for the nourishment of the social environment. Salsa cultivates and reignites communities as dancers become family on the dance floor- and as individuals we become peaceful and self-expressed – a celebration of ourselves.

Like a true addict’s hangover, I find sore, throbbing feet and tired legs are a small price for the high that dancing gives. Eliminating dance is not an option. Sometimes-corny music and sweaty or unattractive partners no longer repulse me and despite the excruciating awkwardness of my first (and sometime current) attempts at dancing, something makes me persevere. It has been a short journey to my present junkie state. Where will it end?

The trademarks of this addiction are not too worrisome; lost weekends, social stigma and isolation from non-dancers, increased expenses and replicate viewings of the movies “Take the Lead” and “Dirty Dancing”, right?

Beauty Salons Offer a Way for Consumers to Relieve Stress

Not everyone comes to the beauty salon to simply get their hair or nails done. While they may justify their trip to the beautician with the idea that they need to update their style or that their hair is starting to look frumpy, many times the reasoning for going is more psychological.

Visiting the beauty salon can be a relaxing and stress-relieving experience, melting away the cares of daily life and creating an environment around the customers that is welcoming and invigorating. Visiting the spa or hairdresser has similar benefits. By having someone pamper them and listen to what they have to say, consumers feel better about themselves and are not worrying so much about the things that drag them down each day. They don’t have to focus on the negative aspects of their life when they are being beautified. And the end result can certainly help their self-esteem and their mood.

This is something many a beauty school in Greenville, SC will teach their students. Schools like beauty school in greenville sc know that the clients they are training their students to care for will need some pampering, an attentive ear and some sympathy. Not everyone is coming to the salon because they have heard of its great reputation or its unique beauty techniques. Some just go there because it’s nearby and they need someone to listen to their troubles and make them feel better about themselves.

Beauty school teachers recognize this, and they teach their students to commiserate with their clients and to show them the support they need. This allows them to be better beauticians and to ensure that the customer feels good enough about their experience to want to come back.

In a way, the beautician is a counselor or psychiatrist or even a best friend, if only for an hour or so at a time. That’s an important opportunity for them to build up a relationship with the customer and to keep their business booming, and it’s something that beauty school teachers are passing on to their students.

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